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PR Tools - Film Festival and Filmmakers

Press Letters:
Send Film and/or Film Festival Press Releases to Hundreds of Targeted Media Sources...
GoFilmFest has lists of hundreds of media sources you can target for your press releases...

     * Filmmakers - Fill audiences in Des Moines, Durango & Denver!
      * Film Festivals - Get the coverage you want in the Film Industry!

Service is available on a subscription basis. 
     - Up to 5 press release sends for just $25. 
     - To subscribe email pr@gofilmfest.com 

Printing Services

knows the printing of postcards, posters, invitations and other items is crucial to a filmmaker or a film festivals success. We searched various sources and have personally used PS Print and recommend them. Here is our recommended Printing Source who is fast, easy and will save you money! PSPrint

                                     Your Print Source!

Postcards - Great promotional use for making people aware of your film and your showtimes. Also great for Film Festivals looking to target market via direct mail to go after overall film festival attendance. Click here to look into postcard printing.

Business Cards - Make sure to include all contact information including your email address and web site address so people can see more of your work and find out more about you! Click here for more info on Business Cards Styles and Rates.

Online Color Printing--PsPrint

Outdoor Stickers - Great for Young adults and kids...these tend to become viral and longer lasting promotion than say postcards or other items. Keep it simple but eye catching! Click here for more info on Outdoor Stickers.

Door Hangers - Staying in a large hotel at or close to the venue of a Festival? Why not go floor by floor with door hangers to help spur attendance! Click Here for more information on Door Hangers.

Great Deal for full-color printing

Response Cards - Not 100% finished on your film and you want feedback from people who count...the real audience? Look at handing out response cards (Pre-Addressed and stamped) to get feedback on your film! Click here for more info on response cards.

Bookmarks - Want your film to stay with people after they leave the theater...so they can remember to tell their friends? Bookmarks are a great idea...make sure to include any web site information on the bookmarks! Click here for more information on Bookmark Printing.

Color Custom Invitations - Have some VIP's you want to invite...make a good impression with custom invitiations!

Need Help Creating your Graphics or Print Collateral?
Want to sell some of your skills to people who are looking for them?
Click on the link below for more information!

Freelance Project Database
The world's largest database of web design, graphic design, and admin projects! Click to see for yourself!

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