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GoFilmFest Advertising and Sponsorship

     GoFilmFest.com offers various advertising and sponsorship opportunities. If you're looking to appeal to Filmmakers, Film Festivals and the more sophisticated and affluent person who attends film festivals then GoFilmFest.com is a great place to advertise.

     Special One-Time Only Start-up Rates!
     Below rates are a start up rate which may only be available for a limited time only!

     GoFilmFest.com Top Ten Film Rankings box
     This offers (4) different sponsorship opportunities. You can sponsor:
        - Top Overall Film Festival Home Page Box -  $75 per Month
        - Top Large Film Festival Home Page Box -    $50 per Month
        - Top Medium Film Festival Home Page Box - $50 per Month
        - Top Small Film Festival Home Page Box -     $50 per Month
        - All (4) Film Festival Ranking Boxes -             $175 per Month

     This sponsorship above gives you a name and logo listing in the box and you also get a link from your name and logo listing to your website! If you are interested in this sponsorship please email sponsor@gofilmfest.com 

     Home Page Main Banner Location
     This offers the prime home page banner location on 
     www.gofilmfest.com size is about 375 x 75 and Cost is $100
     per Month. To set this up email sponsor@gofilmfest.com

More Advertising and Sponsor Opportunities coming soon! If you'd like to advertise or sponsor somewhere else on the www.gofilmfest.com web site you can email a request to sponsor@gofilmfest.com 

Ad and Sponsorship Terms and Payment
Advertising and sponsorship runs on a monthly basis from the 1st to the end of the month. Multiple months can be pre-reserved however. Pre-payment is required for all sponsorship and/or advertising.

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