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Double Talk
Double Talk Name: Double Talk
Format: Mini DV

Double Talk website
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Director: Julien Ezri
Producer: Julien Ezri

A man is sitting in a restaurant, waiting. Another man enters and sits down, and here begins an interesting seduction scene!

Phone Contact is: 41213231910 - In Switzerland
Format: 35mm
Length: 118 minutes

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Director: Rocco DeVilliers
Producer: Dan Urness

Two boys from a small town find their courage tested when they accidentally stow away aboard an airplane owned by the mob.
Road To Victory
Road To Victory Name: Road To Victory
Format: DV
Length: 99 minutes

Road To Victory website
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Director: Mike Reilly
Producer: Jonathon Kitchen

Upcomming Festivals:
2007 San Fernando International Film Festival 2007 Hollywood HD/DV Festival
An injured college athlete, accused of taking steroids, falls for a stripper, but is unable to perform sexually. The relationship oscillates between tender and cruel; issues of infidelity, along with doubts about his ability to father children arise, as his on-field performance begins to decline, putting his draft status at stake.

Road To Victory is a thoughtful look at the role of gender in the patient / physician relationship, limits imposed on physicians by changes in the health-care industry, and even the limits of drugs designed to replace the physicians. It asks the question of what level of fidelity is acceptable in a relationship where sex isn't possible. And lastly, it looks behind sensationalized media headlines over steroid abuse, at the human elements that really drive athletes to succeed, and the price associated with the choices required to achieve that success.

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